Garbage Grabs A Donut At VMAs Despite Eight Nominations

The law of averages was not with Garbage on Thursday night.

The band went into the night with eight MTV Video Music Award nominations, second only to Madonna's nine nominations, but walked away from the show with squat.

The band's "Push It" was up for Best Group Video, Best Alternative Music Video, Best Direction In A Video, Best Special Effects In A Video, Best Art Direction In A Video, Best Editing In A Video, Best Cinematography In A Video, Breakthrough Video. However, those awards went to the Backstreet Boys, Green Day, Madonna, Madonna again, Bjork, Madonna yet again, Fiona Apple, and the Prodigy respectively.

The band probably isn't too busted up though. Speaking with MTV News' Kurt Loder before the show, they said that they really weren't hoping to pick up anything for themselves.

"We're kind of pulling for the director's award because we're big fans of our director, Andrea Giacobbe. We hope he wins," Garbage guitarist Duke Erikson said before the show. The band settled on Giacobbe after seeing his work on the Death In Vegas clip for "Dirt," which also earned the director a nomination for Best Art Direction.

That award went to director: Michael Gondry and art director Donovan Davidson for their work on Bjork's "Bachelorette."

Garbage will no doubt find the strength to carry on. To show that they are getting on with their lives, the band will kick off a U.S. tour with Girls Against Boys next week in Denver (see "Garbage Lines Up Tour Launch, Explains Choice Of Girls Against Boys").

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