Gang Starr Charts High By Getting Diverse

Rapper Guru and producer D.J. Premier, who are collectively known as Gang Starr, entered this week's "Billboard" Pop Album chart at number six with their new album, "Moment of Truth."

"Truth" is the duo's first release in four years and its appearance in the Top 10 marks Gang Starr's highest chart position ever. Guru and Premier have spent the interim since the last album busy with their own respective side projects, all of which Premier says help add to the multiple natures of "Truth."

"That joint just gonna' knock in the club," Premier told MTV News, comparing other rap meets hip-hop records with "Truth." "Difference is with our album, we got joints just gonna' knock in the club, we got joints that are just for listenin' and enhancin' the mind, and you got the ones that are serious about things have happened to us and the people around us who's goin' through the same pain."