Gang Starr Rapper Cleared On Assault Charges

Guru, the frontman for the veteran hip-hop duo Gang Starr, was found not guilty on an assault charge stemming from a 1996 incident.

According to reports in various New York newspapers, Guru, a friend of his, and two women were driving back to his Long Island home after a night out when he got into a heated argument with one of the women. The argument started when one of the women accused him of being a hypocrite, saying he was anti-white in his lyrics, but dated white women. Guru became enraged and lashed out at the woman, ultimately hitting her over the head with a beer bottle.

Spokespeople for Gang Starr say Guru plans to release a statement on the matter in the next few days. He has already publicly addressed the incident once, on the title track of Gang Starr's album "Moment Of Truth."

"I ain't no saint, therefore I cannot dispute that everyone must meet their moment of truth," Guru raps on the track, which warns how trouble and betrayal can follow