Peter Gabriel Displays Vision On CD-ROM

March 13 [14:00 EST] -- Singer and all-around music visionary Peter Gabriel is whole-heartedly embracing the merger of technology and the music business with the release of his second CD-ROM, "Eve."

Gabriel told MTV News that the project took a creative team of 60 people two years to put together. Set in Eden, "Eve" stars Gabriel himself as Adam, and features a variety of interactive puzzles, music, video, philosophers, and art in attempting to work out the relationships among man, woman, and nature in what Gabriel described as an "industrial wasteland."

Of course, if you stumble in your attempts to create unity between these factions, you just might destroy the planet.

"I think we wanted to provide something you can get lost in that really has its own environment with its own language, if you like," Gabriel said. (QuickTime, 1MB)

The CD-ROM is a natural progression for Gabriel,

who sees the potential of the union of music and emerging technology, especially the Internet.

"There's great opportunity for people who don't make mainstream stuff, whether it's writing, film or music, whatever, to get to an audience," Gabriel said of the 'Net's staggering availability.

"You still have to find your way through the web, but its much more democratic and, I think, quite exciting." (QuickTime, 2MB)