Funkmaster Flex Takes Pulse Of The Street For "Final Chapter"

DJ Funkmaster Flex, who currently serves up tunes on MTV Jams, has released the newest edition in his "Mix Tape" album series with "Volume 3: 60 Minutes of Funk, The Final Chapter."

Flex's final "Funk Chapter" features classic hip-hop tracks, new songs and freestyles from some of the most prominent names in rap. And although he's always busy making new records, Flex continues to DJ at clubs and parties, in addition to having his own radio show.

When MTV News caught up with Flex recently, he was on the set of the video for "Wu-Tang Cream Team Lineup," and discussed his approach to mixing and the method behind his DJ madness.

"I play what people want to hear," Flex said, "and if it's a record I feel in my gut, [then I know] it's a good record, and I support it. If it's a record that maybe I don't like personally, but the street likes it, I'll [also] support it [750k QuickTime] -- because

it's not up to Flex to decide all the time whether this is a [good] record or not. The people decide and I'm just a tool between getting the record from the artist, feeling the reaction from the people and then giving them what they want to hear."

"Wu-Tang Cream Team Lineup," is the first single from Flex's new album, and features guest vocals from the Wu's Method Man, Raekwon the Chef and Inspectah Deck.