The Fugees "Score"

The Fugees "Score"

May 3, 1996 -- The Fugees album "The Score" will be number 2 on Monday's Billboard charts. The group, which will hit the road this summer on the "Smoking Grooves" tour, is determined to bring back live instrumentation into the world of hip hop, and was flexing its chops at New York's legendary Apollo theater last Sunday night. Although Fugees are a fairly new phenomenon , we discovered that for one member, it wasn't her first time on that famous stage.

MTV: Seven years ago, a young girl won over a tough audience during Amateur Night at the Apollo theater. Last week, that same girl played the Apollo again, only this time she's the vocalist for the hip hop trio the Fugees. The popularity of their cover version of Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly" put the song into heavy rotation before it was even released as a single, and helped propel the Fugees self-produced album "The Score" to number 2 on the Billboard charts. The group says commercial

success is fine as long as it fits in with their original musical goals.

WYCLEF, Fugees: We just trying to do what we said we were going to, which Is bring musicality back to the ghetto. Show the black kids that you can have fun with no guns and...

LAURYN, Fugees: And play instruments..

WYCLEF: You can play instruments, you can sing songs and, yet still keep the stric... stric or street?

PRAS, Fugees: Street.

WYCLEF: Street credibility. There hasn't been a kid that came out and say OK, I'm a play guitar and I'm going play it for the streets, and you kids are gonna dig it, you know what I'm saying. The Fugees are the first that made it cool to play a guitar and still the thugs respect you.

LAURYN: I think the kids like, I think they can appreciate when they hear a guitar, you know what I'm saying, which was originally sampled, was on a record, and we can bring it to them live. Cleft can play a mob deep record, you know what I'm saying, or a

smooth the hustla loop, back to the audience that appreciates that music.

MTV: One audience member who got some special attention was the multi-platinum Joan Osborne.

WYCLEF: Big up to Joan. She has a little you know, (shakes his hips) about her, so she's cool.

LAURYN: What was that?

WYCLEF: She's got a little, (shakes his shoulders) you know.

LAURYN: You were moving the lower portion of your body, homeboy!

MTV: After a brief European tour next month, the group returns to the States for the Smokin' Grooves tour, billed as an urban Lollapalooza.

PRAS: It's gonna be cool, you know, it's us, Cypress, Ziggy, you know a couple of other people gonna a be on it. I think D'Angelo, it's gonna be a real cool vibe.