The Fugees Survive "Hoodshock"

The Fugees Survive "Hoodshock"

June 6, 1996 -- In New York City, the first in a planned series of free urban hip hop concerts, organized by the chart-topping Fugees under the name "Hoodshock", aimed at registering new voters, ended in chaos in the streets of Harlem on Thursday night.

After sets by Wu-Tang Clan, Queen Latifah, KRS-One, and the Fugees, the way-larger-than-anticipated crowd of some 15,000 fans was suddenly panicked by the sound of fireworks, and one lone gun-shot from a 20-year-old man who was quickly arrested.

The ensuing stampede left 20 people injured. Tentative plans call for the next "Hoodshock" show to be in Atlanta this coming Wednesday, and there'll be another in Newark, New Jersey on the fourth of July. We spoke with the Fugees on Friday, here's what they had to say about the event.

LAURYN, Fugees: Yeah. We wanna big up and thank the 15,000 people who came out and peacefully gathered from two o'clock to seven o'clock


WYCLEF, Fugees: All over. Brooklyn was out there. Jersey.

LAURYN: In Harlem to support "Hoodshock". We can't let the one individual, one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. I mean, everybody was out there for seven hours in peace, and in love, and in unity, and that was the theme in the concert. Our goal in throwing it was to raise money for the Refugee Camp, which is a summer camp for youths that we have to promote family values, education, and just love for culture all over in the community.

WYCLEF: And what happened yesterday was definitely a positive start to the whole Camp situation.

LAURYN: Yesterday's event was a success, despite... I want to say, despite what has been blown up by the media, yesterday was a complete success. And the 14,999 people who were there and in peace know that it was a success.