Fugees Talk About "When We Were Kings"

Feb. 13 [Updated 10:00 EST] -- The Fugees were among the performers at New York's Radio City Music Hall Tuesday night, just after the gala premiere of the Oscar-nominated documentary "When We Were Kings."

The film examines the cultural impact of the 1974 heavyweight title boxing match in Zaire, Africa between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali. It was a combination of Ali's charisma, athletic prowess, and his personal convictions in refusing to go to war in Vietnam which made him a hero to African-Americans, among others.

"I haven't seen that footage since like I was like 14 years old," the Fugees' Lauryn Hill told MTV.

"Our manager David Sonnenberg had the rights to the footage, and he's always told us 'Lauryn, y'know we gonna make a film out of this one day.' All right David, it's powerful, powerful footage, we hope it happens. And it happened... And it happened in a big way. It's such a powerful message for all the young people. Ali was a powerful person. He

was an athlete, but he was political."

"When We Were Kings" opens nationwide on Friday.

On Sunday night at 9:30 you can catch MTV's "When We Were Kings" premiere special, featuring the Fugees, Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, B.B. King and more.