Fugees Wyclef Talks About Taking His Music To Haiti

April 15 [7:55 EST] -- The Fugees capped a five-day tour of the poverty stricken Caribbean nation of Haiti with a special concert in Port-au-Prince Sunday night. ["Yele" Live in Haiti, 600Kb QuickTime]

Fugees Wyclef and Praz were both raised in Haiti, and returned with bandmate Lauryn Hill for the concert, which benefited charities that help Haitians in need. While it attracted some 80,000 fans, it's still too early to say exactly how much money the Fugees raised.

During their stay, the Fugees visited orphanages, refugee camps, and received a medal of merit from President Rene Preval.

MTV News flew down to Haiti with the Fugees last Wednesday, and once there, Wyclef explained the way the Haitian music scene works.

"What's cool down here is the vibe for music is intense, it's like Jamaica," Wyclef explained, "Which means everyone tunes into the radio. You have a very low market here. Only the rich can buy CDs, so you

have a very small percentage of CD buyers, but now the radio stations, everyone listens to them. As they play the songs on the radio, the people tape them on cassettes. That's how they usually learn the songs... and then they dub the cassettes, and you got hundreds of cassettes floating around with 'The Score.'"

But instead of huffing about lost revenues on pirate versions of his work, Wyclef is just glad that his music is getting out and reaching people in the impoverished nation.

"What's cool is they know 'The Score,' and they know some of 'The Carnival' which is not even released yet. You know, the new album that I'm working on, that's in, mostly in English, but like two songs in Creole. They already know the songs, they already big hits out here."

We'll have more from the Fugees' trip to Haiti throughout the week on MTV News, and also right here on MTV News Online.