Fugees Haitian Benefit Money Is Missing

May 13 [16:00 EST] -- Reuters news service reports that one month after the Fugees played a benefit concert for the impoverished people of Haiti, money from the show has yet to turn up.

The Fugees had planned for the proceeds from two concerts in Haiti to aid Haitians deported from the Dominican Republic, but the director of the National Office for Migration told Reuters that his office has not seen any of the money.

Haitian Culture Minister Raoul Peck will reportedly go before Parliament on Tuesday to account for the whereabouts of the money for the two shows, one of which drew 75,000 fans to an outdoor show in Port-au-Prince, and another of which earned $100 a head from fans at an exclusive Club Med gig.

Fugee Wyclef Jean was distrustful of corrupt forces within Haiti, and reportedly warned those who were to benefit from the group's performances to, "Watch the money."

The Fugees had hoped that the group's visit would increase global awareness and respect

for Haitian life and culture, and the band visited both poverty-stricken neighborhoods and the Presidential palace during its stay.