Fugees Benefit Money Accounted For

May 14 [17:00 EST] -- Money raised through two benefit performances by the Fugees in Haiti is not lost as previously thought... it's just slow in getting to its destination.

Responding to a report yesterday from Reuters news service that funds from the Fugees' recent shows were missing, the office of the Minister of Culture told MTV News that they have received a financial report from the show, and nothing seems out of the ordinary. A spokesperson for the office said that disbursement of the concerts' proceeds is going slowly, but is still on schedule.

The Fugees played two shows to some 80,000 fans in the impoverished nation last month, with funds earmarked towards helping Haitian refugees and orphans. However, on Tuesday, Reuters quoted Haiti's immigration chief as saying that he had still seen no money from the show. Reuters also reported that Haiti's Minister of Culture, Raoul Peck, was going to address Parliament on Tuesday about the matter, but as it turns out, Peck

is traveling in Chile.

These charges are noteworthy because corruption is rampant in Haiti. While touring the country, Fugee and native Haitian Wyclef warned refugees to keep the concerts' proceeds under a watchful eye saying, "Watch the money."

The Fugees are traveling in France, and could not be reached for comment.