Fugees Try To Track Down Benefit Concert Money

May 22 [7:55 EDT] -- Money from the Fugees' recent benefit concerts in Haiti continues to be hard to track down, and the band is less than thrilled about it.

"We're pissed off about the whole situation," Wyclef told MTV News during a recent concert in Germany. "Once I get back to New York I'm gonna place a call, you know what I mean, and give them two weeks to come up with the missing money, 'cause I would hate to have to take a plane and go down there and get the money myself. [1.3MB QuickTime] Worse comes to worse that's what I'm gonna have to do."

Haitian government officials claim that most of the funds raised from the two April concerts [Fugees In Haiti, 900k QuickTime] are slowly being distributed to charities for refugees and orphans, and are not, in fact, missing.

The benefit was co-sponsored by the government, and Haitian officials were

the ones responsible for collecting money for tickets.

"All we want to know is whoever's responsible, just come forward and say this is how much we raised, you know what I mean," Wyclef added. "If you don't do that, you are shooting yourself in the foot. The Haitian people are not stupid. They know the Fugees didn't pocket the money, because they know we're on a charity hunt, you know what I mean. Haiti can't pay the Fugees. The Fugees came to play Haiti for free to raise money for charity."