Fugees Still Trying To Track Down Benefit Money

June 12 [7:55 EDT] -- Angry Haitians are threatening riots in the streets this Friday unless that Caribbean country's Culture Minister explains what happened to all the money made there by the Fugees on April 12, with a benefit concert for the poor.

According to the newspaper "Haiti Progress," the Fugees' concert (which was co-produced by the Haitian government) took in more than $476,000, of which only $350,000 has been accounted for.

The man with the accounts, Culture Minister Raoul Peck, was summoned before the Haitian parliament to explain last month, but he was out of the country and never testified.

He's back now, but his secretary told MTV News he has no comment on where the money went.

All of which makes Fugee Wyclef Jean, who was born in Haiti, pretty unhappy.

Reached by phone in Paris on Wednesday, Wyclef told MTV News that he's now planning another Haitian benefit concert to be held in this country in the fall, and if necessary, will take

the resulting profits from it down to Haiti and disperse the money himself.