Wyclef Jean Plans Next Haitian Benefit

Wyclef Jean is planning his second annual benefit concert for the people of Haiti. Though this year, as promised, the concert will be staged in the U.S. in Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida.

Wyclef told MTV News of his benefit plans. "We did the one last year, and this year we're gonna bring it to Miami. The same benefit, the "One Chance" concert, you know, reaching out for everybody. So all you celebrities, Wyclef Jean's gonna give you a call to play for free - don't charge me, its for charity. [900k Quicktime] Miami, you know I want to do it this year again for the kids."

Last year we reported that The Fugees Port-au-Prince concert had some difficulties collecting the funds from the Haitian government, who were co-producing the show. Wyclef explains, "What they showed, the last documents, that we got we broke even, with hotel expenses, whatever. But the good thing with this

time is we'll be able to control it 100% cause we'll be in Miami. [400k Quicktime] And then every year, bring the concert somewhere else for charity. I think it'll be incredible." The show is scheduled for April 18.

Wyclef, who was born in Haiti, plans to bring the money the concert raises to Haiti himself for disbursement.