Coach Quits Over Fugees Flap

Is a teacher responsible for his students' musical taste?

Apparently so in one Georgia school district where a high school basketball coach resigned last Friday rather than accept a 30-day suspension for allowing his team to play the Fugees' album, "The Score" over the gymnasium P.A. during pre-game warm-ups.

Mario Hansbrough, the 25-year-old coach in question, violated a month-old Cherokee County School Board rule that banned the playing of violent, sexual, or obscene rap music at school functions. The rule was created after another basketball team in Cherokee County warmed up to Mobb Deep's "Hell On Earth."

School superintendent Corky Jones said the 30-day suspension was, "A strong message that we mean business," although no one expected it would provoke Hansbrough's resignation.

It's worth noting that these apparently controversial Fugees recently filmed a video for "Sesame Street's" upcoming "Elmopalooza" special in which the group cavorts with such

ne'er-do-wells as Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus.