Pras And Jakob Offer Latest Fugee-Dylan Pairing

As the nearly surreal image of Bob Dylan nodding along in Wyclef Jean's video for "Gone 'Til November remains fresh in our minds, there's now yet another Dylan cameo in another video by another Fugee.

Pras has just released a single and video called "Ghetto Superstar," [400k QuickTime] from the soundtrack to Warren Beatty's upcoming political satire, "Bulworth." In the clip, Pras plays a campaigning politician who, after emerging from Warren Beatty's body, does a quick bit of gladhanding with Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers. While the cameo may look like a case of anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better between Pras and Wyclef, the Fugee recently told MTV News there were other reasons for Jakob's appearance.

"Wyclef is a hardcore Bob Dylan fan, and I'm a hardcore Jakob Dylan fan," Pras explained. "I love the Wallflowers.

[450k Quicktime] As a matter of fact, when I was in L.A. he came in the studio and heard the record, and he was like, 'The record's amazing.' We were going to change it, but he was like, 'I wouldn't change it if I was you,' so I said, 'Yo, can you be in my video' and he said, 'No problem' if I promise to be in his video. I said 'No problem' so he came down, and it was great."

Pras was actually supposed to return the favor in the new Wallflowers video for their cover of David Bowie's "Heroes" from the "Godzilla" soundtrack, but conflicting schedules kept it from happening.