Wyclef Jean Denies He Pulled Gun On Music Journalist

After reports surfaced that the Fugees' Wyclef Jean had pulled a gun on a music magazine editor who planned to run a review the rapper disapproved of, Wyclef spoke exclusively with MTV News and denied the claims.

The story surfaced late this week with Jesse Washington, editor-in-chief of the new hip-hop magazine "Blaze," claiming that a tipsy Wyclef had pointed a 9mm gun at his chest after reading a negative review the magazine had planned to run of the new Canibus record, which Wyclef produced.

Wyclef flatly denied the story when he sat down with MTV News on Friday at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, and claimed that the tale was a publicity stunt orchestrated in an effort to boost sales.

Here's Wyclef's statement in its entirety:

"Hi boys and girls, how you doin? This is Wylcef Jean on MTV.

"They can track you wherever you at. Right about now, I'm here to talk about a rumor that's spreading around town. There's an editor that says Wyclef Jean

pulled a gun, and personally I feel like this is so he can he do publicity to sell the new magazine. Wyclef Jean pulls no gun, Wyclef Jean plays guitars, and I have love for my family, respect for the artists that I roll with and I respect the media very much. So, Mr. Editor, if you're watching this, my letter back to you is that my mom called me and she said, 'Hey 'Clef, I know you didn't.' I said, 'Mom, of course not. You didn't raise me like that.' Everyone who knows me, knows that I'm all about the music. So, Mr. Editor, the song that I'm about to sing is for you and it's for all my fans out there..."Look at all these rumors/spreading me every day./I need some time/some time to get away./Did you hear the one about Wyclef?/Some said he pulled a gun./That comes from Mr. Editor/ who wanna sell his magazines by the millions.

"Yo, later man."

Washington told MTV News that he felt Wyclef was trying to intimidate him, but that he never feared for his life.

"Blaze" opted not to run the review in its August 25 issue as it had planned citing the fact that the Canibus album had not been completed when it was reviewed.