Celebrating Mother's Day With Lauryn Hill, Courtney Love, Mase, And Britney's Mom

Mothers have always been prominent figures in the music industry, and that means more than just the Mothers of Invention, Madonna, or Mia X's "Mama Drama." As another Mother's Day looms into focus, MTV News is taking a moment to pay a sentimental tribute to moms everywhere.

MTV Europe asked super-mom Lauryn Hill, who wrote "To Zion" for her baby son, how she'd feel if daughter Seyla, now just 6 months old, told her that she wanted to grow up to become a hip-hop superstar.

"You know what?" Hill began, laughing. "I'll probably look at her the same way my mother looked at me. My mother was like, 'What you talkin' about, Willis?' and she came and gave me that crazy look... but she was supportive, and she knew that I pursued it with my heart, and as long as my heart was in the right place, I think she was like, 'Okay, you'll be all right.' As long as [Seyla's] heart is in the right place, I'll

also be encouraging, but I'll also let her know about those traps and pitfalls.... I'll definitely encourage her to do what her heart tells her to do."

Finally, Britney Spears' mom, Lynn, is mighty proud of her daughter, though who knows what she must have thought of racy gear she wore on the cover of "Rolling Stone" magazine. But as she told John Norris during his visit to the pop princess' hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, sometimes Britney made a hell of a racket in her early years.

"She sang all the time to the point that it would be a little bit annoying," recounted the elder Ms. Spears. "Oh, I'd be trying to visit with someone, and I'd be like, 'Britney, could you please hold it down for a minute?' You know?"

From pain in the neck to superstar in just 17 years....