Lauryn Hill Hits VMA Stage, Wows Audience

If you're Lauryn Hill, as a rule you will be invited to perform at any and every awards ceremony.

The only problem is, what song to choose from the multi-platinum, critically acclaimed "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill?" The answer: go with a medley.

After a glowing introduction by David Bowie, Lauryn Hill hit the stage to "Lost Ones" before launching into "Everything Is Everything."

Hill's large backing band, honed by months of touring, showed why audiences and critics alike have been wowed not only by Hill's album, but by her live shows.

The high-energy set, which saw Hill losing her breath by medley's end, didn't disappoint, with the possible exception of those Fugees fans who may have hoped (in vain) that Wyclef Jean, who was on stage to present the Best New Artist In A Video award moments earlier, would join her.

-- Brian Ives