Wyclef Comments On New LP

Wyclef Jean has just wrapped up a college tour and is now focusing on the forthcoming release of his second solo album, "The Ecleftic."

The LP, which has been in the works for nearly two years, has given 'Clef the opportunity to speak his mind on the many things going on in his own life and in the world. In an interview with MTV News last week at the Online Hip-Hop Awards, Wyclef offered some more information and a sampling of his new music.

"Yeah, definitely, 'Ecleftic,' coming out July 11. I ain't have an album in a year and a half," Wyclef said, referring to his upcoming album.

The melodic MC then offered a sampling of his new music (and addressed his Fugees cohorts, Lauryn Hill and Pras) as he sang, "'Lauryn, if you're listenin', Pras, if you're listenin', give me a call. I'm in the lab, in the Booga Basement. Y'all know my style, I'm still meenie money, many, many, it

ain't all about the money.'

"Look out for it. It speaks for itself. We just gonna have fun on this one," Wyclef explained.

Via his official Web site at www.wyclef.com, Wyclef has already offered fans an advance preview of a socially charged song called "Diallo." The track addresses the four NYPD officers responsible for the shooting death of 22-year-old West African immigrant Amadou Diallo in February 1998. "Diallo" also features the vocal talents of West African singer Youssou N'Dour.

Wyclef says the song is not the official first single from the album, but he wanted to give fans an opportunity to hear what the song had to say.

"That's not really no single. That's just a joint I did after the police did what they did," Wyclef said. "I put it on the Internet, and now

people's paying attention

to it. But it's not no single. It's the single, for whoever want it to be the single." [RealVideo]

"The Ecleftic" will feature guest spots from Mary J. Blige, Earth, Wind & Fire, and The Product G&B (see "Wyclef Addresses Issues On Upcoming Album").