Frustrators Clarify "Midget Toss" After NBA Flap

Green Day and The Frustrators bassist Mike Dirnt wants to set the record straight: He loves the little people.

Dirnt and his side project, The Frustrators, have drawn the ire of a group known as the Little People of America after one of the band's songs, titled "The Great Australian Midget Toss," was played on Monday night during the Los Angeles Lakers' NBA title-clinching win against the Indiana Pacers.

According to the Associated Press, Casey Hubelbank, a spokesperson for the LPA, decried the song's insensitivity toward short-statured people and has threatened to boycott events at Los Angeles' Staples Center, where the basketball game was held.

"The Great Australian Midget Toss" was a track featured on The Frustrators' "Bored In The USA" EP, issued by Adeline Records in January. The LPA's call for action has prompted the band to issue a clarifying statement about the song on its official Web site at

In the message, the group notes that "the song is meant as a farce.... If anyone in this world listens to our song and finds in it some call toward violence, then that person should seek counseling.... If anyone has taken offense at our jokes, we do apologize for the misunderstanding."

On Friday, June 23, Dirnt will join his Green Day bandmates Tre Cool and Billie Joe Armstrong for the opening of this summer's Warped Tour at the CSUF Amphitheater in Fresno, California (see "Green Day To Issue 'Warning' In October").