WWF's Jericho Leads Fozzy To Label Deal

The self-proclaimed "greatest metal band ever" is primed for a return to the U.S., perhaps with the help of WWF superstar Chris Jericho.

Fozzy (short for Fozzy Osbourne) recently inked a deal with Megaforce Records and plans to hit the studio in July to record an album that will arrive in late October.

To hear Megaforce tell it, Fozzy has been banging out metal for the last 20 years, toiling away exclusively in Japan for the last 13 years. During that time, numerous more notable bands have traipsed through Japan, caught the band's act, and stolen Fozzy's songs. Megaforce says that the band plans to reclaim these now-popular metal anthems on its debut album and hopes to introduce the world to a few less recognizable ones as well. Megaforce also notes that the band plans to confront a few of the artists who "stole" the band's material in a short documentary that will accompany the release of the album.

However, there is another theory about Fozzy,

one that holds that the band is made up of Jericho (who often refers to himself as "The Ayatollah Of Rock And Rollah" in the ring) as well as members of Stuck Mojo. Jericho and friends have played out numerous times under the name "Fozzy," and the Canadian wrestler (recently voted the "sexiest man in Manitoba" by the "Winnipeg Sun" newspaper) is a well-known metal junkie who pens a monthly column for "Metal Edge" magazine.

The Fozzy-Is-Jericho theory also holds that when Fozzy's first album arrives this fall, it will carry a number of cover tunes as well as three original tracks.

The truth (or at least one prevailing version of it) will be revealed on July 14, when Fozzy plays Orlando's Hard Rock Live at a show that will be filmed for inclusion in the upcoming Fozzy documentary. Megaforce notes that it's unlikely the band will stage any extensive touring behind its debut album, but says that Fozzy will likely play select dates in select cities.