Fountains Of Wayne Discuss Concept Behind "Utopia Parkway"

The Fountains of Wayne is currently sudsing up the airwaves with the car-wash-themed video for "Denise," the first single from its sophomore effort, "Utopia Parkway."

"Parkway" has been garnering rave reviews since its release last month, and some critics have theorized that the record's title (which, like the band's name, is taken from an actual place) and song sequence suggest a concept album about the decline of suburbia.

Not so, say Fountains of Wayne songwriters Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlesinger, who talked about the motifs that ride through "Parkway" during a recent sit-down with MTV News.

"The album title, 'Utopia Parkway,' is actually a real street in Queens [New York], and it's just such a great name for a street, and it seemed to immediately suggest so many things," Schlesinger explained.



started talking about it," he added, "it really seemed to kind of tie in to this sort of longing quality of all these characters and songs, with all these characters in their cars on the go, in search of something beyond, beyond their grasp. It seemed to provide this thematic line to the whole thing." [RealVideo]

"But I think people that are looking for [some] hidden story that runs through the songs are gonna be disappointed," Schlesinger said. "It's just an overall kind of vibe."

"Actually, we made it so if you play it along to 'The Wizard of Oz,' then the whole thing actually makes sense,"
Collingwood joked. "You know, when Toto comes along and gets that tattoo..."

"That's in the director's cut," [RealVideo]
Schlesinger said.



of Wayne will hit the road in support of "Utopia Parkway" at the end of May with a series of radio-sponsored shows, including a May 28 concert to aid refugees of the Kosovo crisis (see "Ben Folds Five, Fountains Of Wayne, 2 Skinnee J's To Play Kosovo Benefit").