Fountains Of Wayne On "Underground Pop;" Ivy Plans Next Record

After scoring a minor hit in 1996 with "Radiation Vibe," the Fountains of Wayne have returned with a new album, "Utopia Parkway," and a new single, "Denise," that's sneaking its way up the modern rock charts.

Some critics have pointed out how deceptively simple the Fountains' material can be, and in a recent interview with MTV News, the band's Adam Schlesinger talked about how "simple" pop music has gone underground.

"We'd love to be playing festivals and have our songs all over the radio," Schlesinger said, "but the funny thing about playing pop music is, that's what the original intention of pop music was. It wasn't supposed to be this little cultish thing."

"It's supposed to be songs that sound great blasting out of a car radio," he added, "and just through a funny turn of events, the kind of pop we

make is now seen as some kind of fringe alternative thing." [RealVideo]

The Fountains of Wayne will kick off a club tour on July 8 in Washington, D.C., after wrapping a string of appearances at several radio-sponsored shows in June.

In related news, Schlesinger's other band, Ivy, is headed back into the studio soon to record the follow-up to 1997's "Apartment Life"... even though French singer Dominique Durand is eight months pregnant.