John Forté Discusses Work With Motown Legends

After reworking a new wave '80s classic for his debut, Refugee camp artist John Forté is reaching back to the Motown roots of hip-hop for his next collaboration with R&B legends the Temptations.

Forté, whose current single, "Ninety-Nine," puts a Wyclef Jean-worthy spin on Nena's "99 Luft Balloons," just finished producing a track called "Stay" for the Motown legends.

[article id="1444252"]"The Temptations are grand,"[/article] Forté explained to the MTV Radio Network, "in the sense that these guys go on tour 300 days out of the year and get, like, $5,000 a night. They work hard for the money."

Because of his obvious veneration for the Temptations, Forté admits that he was too nervous to work with the group in-person, with his final production work being facilitated by an exchange of tapes.

[article id="1444252"]"I was too intimidated to actually have those guys

come in,"[/article] Forté said, [article id="1444252"]"but I still know that I did a Temptations record and I'm real amped about that." [400k Audio][/article]

Forté, who just released his debut album, "Poly-Sci," will next produce a track for Jamaican danceheall reggae king Shabba Ranks.