Dave Grohl Composes Film Score

Feb. 14 [18:00 EST] -- Multi-instrumental Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl makes his debut as a soundtrack composer with the score of "Touch." The film, the latest from Paul Schrader, is based on a book by crime-novel kingpin Elmore Leonard, and opened on February 14.

It's the story of a religious healer named Juvenal (played by "Scream's" Skeet Ulrich, who becomes romantically involved with a record promoter (played by Bridget Fonda) and also attracts the attention of a bankrupt minister (Christopher Walken) and a book-deal-hungry reporter (Janeane Garofolo).

The "Touch" soundtrack will be out in March, featuring a title-track duet by Grohl and Louise Post of "Veruca Salt."

The next Foo Fighters album, meanwhile, will be released in late May.