Grohl Says New Foo Record Perfect For Summer

May 19 [16:00 EST] -- The Foo Fighters will unleash their latest effort on an unsuspecting public on Tuesday, and Dave Grohl is already optimistic about how it will be received.

While on the set of the band's new video, "Monkey Wrench," Grohl told MTV News that the album, "The Colour and the Shape," should provide a perfect soundtrack for summer activity.

"It's like a summer song," Grohl told MTV News. "It's going to be a summer hit. It's going to be nice for the kids in their convertibles."

But while the head Foo was optimistic about how the new album would fit into the summer landscape, he joked that he might have missed the boat already.

"We missed spring break. I'm kind of bummed. We should have released it before spring break." [Grohl Speaks, 1MB QuickTime]

While Grohl cranked out the Foo Fighters' debut album as a one-man-band

in just five days, "The Colour and the Shape" marks the first time that the band has recorded as a whole.

The requisite supporting tour for the album will also bring the introduction of new Foo drummer Taylor Hawkins (formerly of Alanis Morissette's band) to the masses. The Foo Fighters will play the first day of the Tibetan Freedom Concert on June 7 in New York City.