Foo Fighters Take It To The Street

May 21 [7:55 EST] -- The Foo Fighters new album, "The Colour and the Shape," hit stores on Tuesday, and the band marked the event in a big way.

Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, Nate Mendel, and new Foo Taylor Hawkins took to the parking lot of a Tower Records in Rockville, Maryland last Friday to give fans a free sneak peek at their new material.

Rockville is almost hometown turf for frontman Dave Grohl, who comes from neighboring Springfield, Virginia. In fact, his mom was among the 3,000 fans who turned up for the hour long event. The unannounced gig was a warm up for a healthy slate of dates for the band, as they recently told MTV News.

"The first tour we're going to do will be in Europe," Grohl told MTV. "Then we'll do a couple of shows in England and across Europe. And then we're going to tour America, and we'll play nice places that feel normal and not too crazy. Then we're going to do some festivals in Europe over the summer, and

we'll do some shows in America over the summer. Then we'll do our own bigger tour in September, [1.5MB QuickTime] I hope. It depends on what happens."

Apparently everything is going according to schedule, as the band is currently in Europe.

The Foo Fighters will return to the States in time for their shift at June 7's Tibetan Freedom Concert in New York, which will also include performances from Rancid, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the Beastie Boys and others.

If the band's parking lot show is any indication, the band's set is sure to include old and new songs, and of course, the group's new single, "Monkey Wrench." ["Monkey Wrench" Video, 780k QuickTime]

Grohl explained that the song just jumped out as a single, saying, "We could've either gone with the song that sounded nothing like anyone would expect us to sound like, or go for something like 'Monkey Wrench' which is probably one of the only songs on the

album that sounds similar to the first album, maybe. Is that right? Did I say that right?"

"That works," bassist Nate Mendel added.

"So, that's why. Plus, it's a summer song," Grohl concluded.