Pat Smear Leaves The Foo Fighters, On Live MTV

September 4 [20:15 EDT] -- After performing "Monkey Wrench" [1MB QuickTime] with the band at the MTV Video Music Awards pregame show, the Foo Fighters returned to the Radio City Music Hall Marquis to perform a second song.

But before the band launched into "Everlong" [1MB QuickTime], guitarist Pat Smear took the microphone and announced that the previous song performed by the Foo Fighters would be the last he would play with the band.

"The last song we played was my last song with the band," Smear said. "I would like to introduce you to Franz Stahl who will be taking over. Thanks you. Rock on guys. Foo Fighters!!! [1MB QuickTime].

Stahl, Smear's replacement is a former bandmate of Dave Grohl in "Scream." Thus the rumors of Smear's impending departure

were apparently true, and the word we heard from band spokespeople were... wrong.

We'll have more on this story, and the future of both the Foo Fighters and Pat Smear, as they develop.