Foo Fighters On The Tenacious D Influence

The Foo Fighters are preparing to return to stores with their third album, "There Is Nothing Left To Lose," and this time around, the band is getting inspiration from an unlikely source: Tenacious D, the acoustic prankster duo that starred in its own HBO series.

Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foos spoke to MTV News about Tenacious D from Grohl's home studio in Virginia. "See, Tenacious D had so much to do with the making of this album," Grohl told MTV News. "I don't know if you know about Tenacious D. We spent hours and hours looking to them for inspiration."

"Inspirado," drummer Taylor Hawkins chimed in.

Grohl agreed, "Inspirado. This spring was spent singing Tenacious D songs." [RealVideo]

"Learn To Fly," the first single from the Foos' upcoming album, will be the most added track on next week's "Billboard" Modern

Rock Chart. A video for the song will hit the small screen in the next two weeks.

"There Is Nothing Left To Lose" will be in stores on November 2 (see "Foo Fighters Debut New Guitarist At Surprise L.A. Gig").

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