Courtney Tells Stern Hole Is Leaving Geffen, Cobain "Hated" Grohl

Hole leader Courtney Love turned up on Howard Stern's syndicated radio show Thursday morning to drop a couple of bombshells.

Among the claims Love made during her time with Stern were that her band is leaving Geffen Records for the freedom of the Internet, and that her late husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, actually hated Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl at the time of his death.

Love said that Hole was dismayed by Seagram's merger of Polygram Music and Universal Music earlier this year, and would be leaving Geffen Records as a result. The singer/actress said that instead of signing to another label, the band would remain independent, releasing its music on the Internet.

A spokesperson for Geffen did not return calls by press time.

Love also claimed that Cobain felt betrayed by Grohl when the drummer "turned his back on Kurt" during the late musician's battle with drugs. Love went on to charge that when Cobain was going through the darkest days of his fight with

drugs, Grohl would not return Cobain's calls and withdrew himself from the frontman.

The Hole singer told Stern that she had remained quiet about Cobain and Grohl's relationship in the five years since Cobain's death, but felt prompted to speak by what she sees as Grohl's repeated jabs at her in songs and in interviews. Love specifically noted that she thinks the new Foo Fighters' single, "Stacked Actors," is aimed at her.

Spokespeople for Grohl had no comment on Love's claims as of press time.

-- Robert Mancini

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