Dave Grohl Responds To DUI Charge

In a posting on the Foo Fighters' Web site, Dave Grohl has responded to the legions of postings from fans concerned about the recent brush with Australian authorities that resulted in a DUI charge for the frontman.

Grohl had his Australian driving privileges suspended for three months and received a $400 fine after being charged with a DUI following a concert in Australia's Gold Coast on January 23 (see "Dave Grohl Nabbed For Down Under DUI"). The frontman was keen to set aside the notion that he had been forcibly pulled over by police in his post.

"About a mile or two before the hotel, there was a police breathalyzer stop thingy," Grohl wrote. "They were checking everybody. I thought they'd wave me by. I wasn't driving recklessly, I wasn't pulled over. I drove up to them."

Grohl continues to describe how he was asked to blow into a breathalyzer unit, producing a reading of ".09 or something," and was taken

to jail due to this being above the legal limit.

The Foo Fighter concludes his post with a plug for responsible driving. "So, people, I guess if there's anything to learn here, it's: don't drive after a few beers, even if you feel entirely capable like I did."