R.E.M., Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters On Live Charity CD

R.E.M., Stone Temple Pilots, Billy Corgan, Foo Fighters and Vertical Horizon have contributed live tracks to a charity CD due Tuesday from Atlanta radio station 99X (WNNX-FM).

The songs on Walk Unafraid were recorded at various Atlanta locations, including bars, record stores and studios, during events broadcast by the station. The majority stem from performances within in the last year, while Foo Fighters' "My Hero" is from a 1997 appearance at a record store.

Also featured on the disc are Chris Cornell, Collective Soul, Our Lady Peace, Angie Aparo, Train, Tonic and Splendor.

R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe hand-picked the album's beneficiaries, the Georgia Litigation Project of the Student Press Law Center civil-rights organization and the gay-lesbian activist group Georgia Equality Project. Photos taken by Stipe inspired the CD's cover art, and the album takes its title, Walk Unafraid, from the track R.E.M. contributed. The song, which

originally appeared on 1998's Up, comes from a 99X concert broadcast and is one of two songs on the disc that was not performed acoustic; the other is Collective Soul's "Heavy."

"Once Michael started talking about the charities he wanted, we knew that 'Walk Unfraid' had to be the lead track," said 99x Assistant Program Director Chris Williams, who produced the CD with Program Director Leslie Fram. "The title [captures] what our beneficiaries are working to do — stop discrimination and educate against bigotry."

Walk Unafraid is available only through the station's Web site and local outlets in the Atlanta area.

When listeners place the disc in a computer, they'll have access to additional photos by Stipe and information on the beneficiaries.

The complete track listing for Walk Unafraid:

  • R.E.M. - "Walk Unafraid"
  • Vertical Horizon - "Everything You Want"

  • Our Lady Peace - "Is Anybody Home?"
  • Angie Aparo - "Spaceship"
  • Foo Fighters - "My Hero"
  • Tonic - "If You Could Only See"
  • Chris Cornell - "Can't Change Me"
  • Train - "Meet Virginia"
  • Billy Corgan - "Age of Innocence"
  • Splendor - "Yeah, Whatever"
  • Collective Soul - "Heavy"
  • Stone Temple Pilots - "Atlanta"