Catfood Causes Delay In Firewater Album

The New York City group Firewater has had to postpone the release of its second record, "The Ponzi Scheme," which was due this week, all the way back to June.

The band wanted the new album to be packaged in a special CD-sized tin can (modeled, in part, after Public Image Limited's infamous "Metal Box," which fit several vinyl EPs into a film canister), but the tin manufacturer the band was using received a sudden order for 15 million cat food cans. Firewater decided to wait until the company had fulfilled the order rather than opt for the more conventional CD case.

"Scheme" is not the first Firewater album to raise a little flap with regard to its packaging. The band's first record, "Get Off the Cross, We Need the Wood for Fire," featured an image of Jesus Christ holding a cigarette and a bottle of beer on its cover, and prompted one Florida record-store chain to temporarily yank the album, as well as all the other releases by Firewater's label, Jetset records.


band recently performed at the annual South By Southwest showcase [750k QuickTime live] in Austin, Texas, which will be focused on MTV's "Indie Outing," which airs next Monday, April 6 at 12:30.