Liesegang UnFiltered

August 29 [10:00 EDT] -- Brian Liesegang has confirmed to MTV News that he has left the duo Filter to funnel his talents into a solo project. So now it's a band of one: Richard Patrick.

"It's become pretty obvious that Rich and I are moving in different directions," Liesegang told MTV. "We've only gotten together four times in the last eight months. I've been working on my own in the studio six days a week by myself with just my guitar and my computer."

Filter was formed by Nine Inch Nails alumni Patrick (guitar) and Liesegang (programming) and soon after scored a surprise hit with their debut album, 'Short Bus,' released on Reprise in 1995, a record that has now gone Platinum. Most recently, they contributed to the soundtrack of the movie 'Spawn.'

Their differences appear creative. "I didn't want to make another 'Short Bus,'" says Liesegang. "I don't think the power of rock can be replaced by a fashion statement but at the same time I'm an electronic musician

and being such my modus operandi is to try to invent new ways to rock, ways that haven't been done before."

A spokesperson for Reprise says that with Richard Patrick the lead singer and songwriter, Liesegang's departure should make little difference. "Filter is Richard Patrick," says Jim Baltutis, "and I guess when you're the band, you can take it in any direction you want."

"It's a decision by Rich to work with other people," he adds, "and I believe that the fact he worked with Crystal Method on that 'Can't You Trip Like I Do' track opened the door for him to explore his options with the new Filter record."

Leisegang says he plans to reshape his material and regroup in the studio most likely with ex-Filter drummer Matt Walker, now also a part time Smashing Pumpkin, his brother Saul Walker, members of their band Cupcakes, and other guests.

Richard Patrick, says Baltutis, will be working on the next Filter album, due out the middle of next year.