Filter Readying New Album, Video

The first single from the new Filter album has made its debut on the Web, and a video for the song is in currently in production.

Surfers can hear the band's new track, "Welcome To The Fold", on its label's Web site ( The self-titled album is scheduled for release on August 10.

Fans lucky enough to be cruising the Reprise site this past weekend were met with a call for extras to take part in a 10-hour video shoot scheduled for all day Monday (June 14) at a Hollywood studio lot.

Monday's production was the final day of a three-day shoot. (The first two days were set in a California desert.) The clip's director is Peter Christopherson, the man responsible for Nine Inch Nails' "Wish" and "March of the Pigs," among others.

These days Filter is mainstay Richard Patrick with guitarist Geno Lenardo and bassist Frank Cavanaugh, who played in the live band hired by Patrick and

former partner Brian Liesegang (see "Liesegang Unfiltered"). The pair has been incorporated into the studio band along with new drummer Steve Gillis.

Filter's last album was 1995's "Short Bus."