Feeder Battles Cabin Fever For "Insomnia" Video

Feeder wowed audiences at a pair of shows at last weekend's CMJ Music Marathon in New York City, and now the London-based trio has returned to U.S. airwaves with a new video and single for "Insomnia."

After scoring an alternative hit with "High," a song prominently featured on the "Can't Hardly Wait" soundtrack as well as its first LP, 1997's "Polythene," Feeder spent most of 1998 on the road in America before cutting its new album, "Yesterday Went Too Soon," due out next month.

While in New York City for CMJ (as well as to shoot the video for its new U.K. single, "Paper Faces"), MTV News sat down with Feeder frontman Grant Nicholas, bassist Taka Hirose, and drummer Jon Lee to talk about the sleepless video and single for "Insomnia."

"It really explains the whole chaos of basically spending nine months on a tour bus here last year," Nicholas said, "and

also the whole chaos of making this album. There was no time to even think about making it. I was just sort of fortunate that I had a lot of songs in my head." [RealAudio]

Longtime Feeder associate Stuart Gosling shot the video for "Insomnia" in NYC, and the clip's cabin fever theme was the result of an aborted attempt to film at the famed Coney Island boardwalk.

"It was a very, very fun video to make," Nicholas explained. "It was cheap, it was fun, and there was no big deal around it. It was just one of those videos. I think we had a pretty heavy night the [day before], and we turned up [for the shoot], and it was raining that day. It was meant to be shot down in Coney Island, but it poured down with rain."


we ended up shooting

it at the hotel room at the Chelsea where we were staying," he said. "The three of us were in the same room to keep down the budget, so we shot it [there]. We just moved everything out of the room and actually shot it in the hotel room -- and some in the subway." [RealAudio]

Feeder will spend October touring the U.K., and the band is currently in discussions to hit the road with either Filter or Jimmie's Chicken Shack in America afterward.

"Yesterday Went Too Soon" arrives in stores October 12.