Fear Factory Finds Stolen Truck In Flames, Vows To Push On

Well, there's good news and bad news for Fear Factory, System of a Down, and SpineShank. The good news is that the truck containing all their equipment that was stolen last week has been found.

The bad news is that it was on fire at the time.

The rental truck that was stolen before the bands' scheduled show in Philadelphia on Saturday, and was discovered in the wee hours of Tuesday morning cleaned out and engulfed in flame near Philly's Walt Whitman Bridge.

"January 23 was a very dark day in Fear Factory history," frontman Burton C. Bell told our friends in the MTV Radio Network on Thursday. "Our entire production was in that truck including lights, merchandise, everything. Not only was our entire production in that truck, but also the other two group's who traveled with us. System of a Down, all their stuff got taken with the truck, same with a band called SpineShank, all their equipment as well. So everything, the whole show just drove off."

As we first

reported on Monday (see "Fear Factory, System Of A Down Tour Derailed By Gear Theft"), the theft forced the band to postpone two weeks worth of tour dates in major markets like Philly, Washington, and Chicago. The theft also briefly demoralized Fear Factory, who had high hopes for the tour.

"It was our first headlining tour ever, and it was very successful," Bell noted. "We were on a roll. We were crushing, and things were looking up, and it was quite a blow to us. We were... I'm still in shock."

Bell said that the band has discussed the precautions it can take to avoid a repeat of last week's events, but is trying not to dwell on "should haves."

"Dino and Christian were talking about something like that, because their guitars are their livelihood," Bell said. "We started talking about leaving their guitars under the bus and stuff

like that. I guess we'll be more careful. Maybe we'll have someone sleep on the truck, maybe we'll put a Club on it, who knows? Maybe if we had put a Club on it, it wouldn't have been driven off. There are so many things we said we could have done, but we can't blame ourselves. We'll just be a little bit smarter next time." [28.8 RealVideo]

The band will soon get the chance the test to apply the lesson they learned. The stolen and damaged gear was insured, so Fear Factory is currently buying new gear and plans to reschedule the postponed dates for March. The band says that the incident is turning out me to be a bit of "a blessing in disguise," as many of the cities they are rescheduling have added additional shows to the one-night-stands the band had originally scheduled. Asked if he had any message he would like to send out to those responsible for the derailing of his tour, Bell offered, "Eat sh**... and I hope you die."