Fear Factory Joins Gary Numan In Space For "Cars" Video

Fear Factory frontman Burton Bell knew he was in for an ambitious shoot when he headed to Vancouver recently to film the clip for his band's cover of Gary Numan's "Cars." He wound up getting even more than he bargained for.

"Man, it was awesome. I was just blown away," Bell told MTV News of the shoot, which teamed Fear Factory with Numan and director John S. Bartley, whose resume includes several years as a cinematographer on "The X-Files."

"Reading the treatment, I was like, 'Man, if this guy can pull it off, he's God,'" Bell said. "The stuff he was doing in the studio and on the location site, it was unbelievable. It's like a five-minute movie. Gary Numan's in it, of course. Gary was great. He has some performance parts in there. The sets they had, and the ideas [Bartley's] got for computer animation and stuff... it's going to be unbelievable, and I

did all my own stunts."

As we reported earlier this month, the band was hoping to put together a sci-fi-rich clip for its cover of Numan's new wave nugget, and so far the band is on track to do just that.

"[Bartley] put Gary and I into harnesses and we had to simulate floating in space," Bell explained. "We were floating around this junked out '79 Trans Am that he had as this car in space, and we're coming up to it. They had another '70 Trans Am that was turned into a spaceship, and that's what we're driving in. It was just wicked. It was unbelievable. It was like a dream come true." [RealAudio]

There is still a good deal of post-production work to be done on the video, which should be wrapped up by June 1. Once it arrives, the clip should give an extra boost to the song, which is already picking up steam at radio. After the radio trade publication "R&R" listed the song

as the most added track on both active rock and mainstream rock last week, the song earned "Breaker" status this week as it continues to surge up the chart.