Jazz And Broadway Veteran Offers "Praise" To Fatboy Slim

Give Fatboy Slim's regards to Broadway.

Or at least, to former Broadway actress Camille Yarbrough. Now the relatively obscure jazz artist and stage veteran is herself singing the praises of Norman Cook, better known as Fatboy Slim.

Yarbrough thought it was a joke when the British DJ's label, Caroline Records, called to say that her song "Take Your Praise" was being sampled for Fatboy Slim's dance track, "Praise You" [28.8 RealVideo].

She was also surprised that Slim/Cook, a former member of the jangle pop group the Housemartins, had managed to find the song at all, considering that it was recorded over 25 years ago for her long out-of-print album, "The Iron Pot Cooker."

MTV News asked Yarbrough if she's had a chance to meet the man who helped revive interest in her musical past.

"I heard he was a skinny little white guy," Yarbrough said. "That's

what somebody told me, I don't know. But that he had been successful before he'd had his [current] work, had done well before. So I just thank him, you know? He saw, he heard something [in my song] and he used it, and from what I hear it's doing well. I'm just very pleased and I thank you Fatboy Slim, wherever you are." [28.8 RealVideo]

Yarbrough also says she likes Slim's interpretation of her song, but admits that as a former dancer, she's a bit baffled by the enthusiastic yet clumsy dancing featured in the Spike Jonze-directed video."