Spike Jonze, Roman Coppola Filming Documentary On "Praise You" Dance Group

Directors Spike Jonze and Roman Coppola took home three moonmen statuettes at last week's MTV Video Music Awards for their work on Fatboy Slim's "Praise You," which included a win for the video's rather unusual choreography, courtesy of the mysterious Torrance Community Dance Group.

The VMA appearance won't be the last you'll hear of the Dance Group, as Coppola and Jonze are working on a pseudo-documentary of their trip to the Awards.

Coppola has shot over 30 hours of footage of the dancers rehearsing for the MTV Video Music Awards, at their New York City hotel, and even visiting New York's Carnegie Deli.

One of the highlights of the film will no doubt be of the group's mythical leader Koufay (who bears a striking resemblance to director Spike Jonze) accepting the award for Best Direction in a Video.

The producer of the so-called documentary, "Vince Flambeé" (better known as Jonze's production partner, Vince Lambey), told MTV News on Tuesday that the Video Music

Awards were the highlight of the Torrance Community Group's career, unless "President Clinton invites us to the White House for a Millennium 2000 party."