Fat Joe Claims Assault Charge A Case of Mistaken Identity

A case remains pending against rappers Fat Joe and Big Punisher from charges stemming from an incident that occurred during the Puerto Rican Day Parade held on June 14 in New York City.

As we previously reported (see "Big Punisher And Fat Joe Arrested For Parade Assault, Joe Teams Up With Brandy"), Joe was apprehended by police last month on an outstanding warrant for open robbery and assault, and Pun turned himself in later that same evening.

In an interview with Fat Joe during a photo shoot for the new "Great Day in Harlem" update, the rapper told the MTV Radio Network that the charges against him and Pun were all just cases of mistaken identity.

"Oh man, that's bogus," Fat Joe said, "a little situation where somebody got beat up or whatever and it's like they [just] said [it was] 'Fat Joe and them,' and all that. I couldn't believe they took me down. But it's all good, we're gonna beat that. Definitely, I had nothing to

do with it, and you'll see."

No word yet on when Joe and Pun are expected to have their day in court, but we'll keep you posted.