Perry Farrell Talks About Entering Fatherhood

Joining the ranks of rock dads-to-be like Metallica's Lars Ulrich and Korn's Brian "Head" Welch, Jane's Addiction and Gobbelee frontman Perry Farrell is also expecting to soon become a father.

While speaking with MTV News' Kurt Loder at last weekend's Tibetan Freedom Concert, Farrell dropped the news while discussing his noticeably bright presence.

"I'm feeling a lot happier these days. I have a child on the way," Farrell told MTV News.

"(It's due in) August, September. He's going to be a sphinx. When I got this news, 'you're going to have a baby,' I said, 'I better do something else.'" [1.4MB QuickTime]

When Loder then asked if the news meant that Farrell could continue his lifestyle, the singer responded, "Not with a baby around." Farrell also said that he is planning to name the baby Yobel, explaining that the name "was written as the first musician to

land on earth. It's in the Bible."