Limp Bizkit Talks About Joining Ice Cube, Rob Zombie, Korn For Family Values

This year's Ozzfest tour kicked off mere days ago, but the hip-hop flavored metal outfit Limp Bizkit already has a post-Ozzfest gig lined up.

The band will join Korn, Rob Zombie, Ice Cube, and Orgy (the first signing to Korn's Elementree record label) on this fall's Family Values tour.

That tour's maiden voyage is expected to kick off in mid-September, and as we previously reported (see "Korn-Fed Family Values Fest To Hit The Road") the tour sprung from the imagination of the folks in the Korn camp.

Speaking about what Family Values might bring to an already crowded tour package table, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst told MTV News, "It's just the right time in music. It's the right time in 1998. It's the best way to end off the year with a big boom. It's gonna be out of control. It's like, the world is so emotional these days, and that's a very emotional bill. It's just like one of those, 'Ugh-ugh.' One of those,

you know what I mean, so it's going to be one of those."