Rob Zombie And Korn's Family Values Clash On Reasons For Line-Up Change

The good news is that the flame-broiled German industrial metal outfit Rammstein has been added to this fall's inaugural Family Values tour.

The bad news is that Rob Zombie has been removed from the bill.

The German band will now be joining Korn, Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit, and Orgy when the tour kicks off in September. Rammstein should be familiar to fans of tour organizers Korn; the German group has remixed Korn in the past, and will remix a track from Korn's upcoming album "Follow The Leader." (You can learn more about Rammstein in our MTV News Online Feature, "Rammstein: The New Gods Of Hellfire.")

While both Zombie and the Family Values camp agree that Zombie won't be on the tour, the two parties differ greatly on why the change was made.

A statement from the Family Values camp announced the line-up change and said that the tour and Zombie had failed to meet eye-to-eye on a number of issues.

Tour organizers claim that Zombie objected to the tour's production design, as well as the presence of a hip-hop act on the bill charging that Zombie and his camp "repeatedly lectured that rock kids don't like hip-hop." The tour also claims that it thought it had booked all of White Zombie, and later learned that Rob Zombie would be on board as a solo artist touring behind his upcoming solo album, "Hellbilly Deluxe."

Zombie spoke with MTV News Thursday afternoon and vehemently denied those charges calling them "lies" and saying that the statement "sickens" him.

Addressing the claims that he did not want a rap artist on the bill, Zombie said that Ice Cube is in fact the only artist on the Family Values tour who he is actually a fan of noting that he owns several of the rapper's albums.

He also told MTV News that Family Values organizers knew all along that he would be touring as a solo artist and not with his White Zombie counterparts.

Zombie went on to say

that he pulled himself off the tour last week when it became apparent he would not be able to mount the type of production he hoped to if he was part of a package tour. Zombie said that since he had not toured in several years, he wanted to stage a show complete with lights, video, and pyrotechnics, but that such a show would be "logistically impossible" for him on the Family Values tour.

He noted that the statement released by the Family Values camp seemed "vengeful," and that when he dropped off the tour, he didn't pick up any negative feelings from tour organizers.

In response to Zombie's statements, the Family Values camp told MTV News, "We stand by our initial press release. We don't want to respond and give him any more attention than he deserves."

Zombie said that he will launch his own tour this fall where he can stage the type of production that he had hoped to bring to the Family Values tour.