Rob Zombie Talks About Korn Family Values Fallout

White Zombie leader Rob Zombie is currently making the rounds to trumpet this week's launch of his solo album, "Hellbilly Deluxe," and while he has plenty of projects on his plate, he still finds himself trying to explain one project that he is not involved in.

After the ghoul-metal maven pulled out of the upcoming maiden voyage of Korn's Family Values tour, a flurry of harsh accusations flew from the tour's organizers, who claimed that Zombie objected to the inclusion of a hip-hop act (Ice Cube) on the bill (see "Rob Zombie And Korn's Family Values Clash On Reasons For Line-Up Change").

Zombie vehemently denied the charges of the tour organizers, who also manage Korn, and said that he left the tour simply because he would not be able to stage the kind of show he had hoped to put on.

"You can't build a huge den of Satan and tear it down in five minutes. It's just not possible," Zombie quipped to MTV News this week.

In the weeks that have followed since the Family values flap, Zombie has released his solo album, unveiled his first video in the form of "Dragula," and put together his own solo tour with Monster Magnet and Fear Factory. With all this to focus on, Zombie said that he's not harboring any ill will towards his almost-tourmates in Korn.

"I don't even know those guys, so I need to meet them before I can feud with them," [250k QuickTime] Zombie said.

He did however say that he was as shocked as anyone with the claims Family Values organizers made, and with the avalanche of press that followed.

"I didn't think anything of it," Zombie said of his departure from the tour, which he said was due to the "Lollapalooza situation" of a festival show like Family Values.

"I thought they'd understand. Then like four or five days later, there's this press release with these crazy statements making it sound like they came from

me, and I never spoke to them. They're just milking it for publicity I guess. What else is new? Then I called their manager for the first time and I said, 'What is this press release? What are you out of your mind?' And he's like, 'It doesn't come across like that.' I'm on the phone like, 'What do you mean it doesn't come across like that? Why am I on the phone with "Time" magazine if it doesn't come across like that?'"

Zombie isn't spending any time crying in his coffin. Now that "Hellbilly Deluxe" is in stores, Zombie plans to launch his own tour in early October.