Rob Zombie Speaks About White Zombie Split

Few seemed genuinely surprised when White Zombie decided to call it quits earlier this week, least of all frontman Rob Zombie.

Zombie, who recently stepped outside the cozy confines of the band that he had fronted for 13 years to release his first solo effort, told MTV News on Thursday that the decision was more of an eventuality than anything else.

"It was kind of a mutual decision that took place a couple days ago," Zombie said when he stopped by the MTV Studios in New York on Thursday. "It was almost like an unsaid thing that was going on. We just all got on the phone, talked, came to the conclusion that after 13 years we did everything we wanted to do and it was just done. It wasn't like this big blow out and everyone was mad at each other and, 'Over!' It just came to a logical end." [28.8 RealVideo]

As we first reported on Wednesday (see "White

Zombie Officially Nails Its Own Coffin Shut"), the band made the move official during a conference call on Tuesday.

Zombie will now continue his solo career, and will hit the road for his first solo tour next month. He will be joined by at least one other White Zombie alum, drummer John Tempestra, while White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult will direct her attention to her surf outfit, Famous Monsters. That group will release its first album on October 20.