Ex-White Zombie Bassist's Famous Monsters Talk About Life On Earth

Wasting no time in rising from the ashes of the now-defunct White Zombie, Sean Yseult has traded in her bass for a guitar and returned to record stores last week with her all-female surf trio, Famous Monsters.

Yseult has also traded in her identity, as she is making the rounds as Devil Doll, who along with She-Zilla (drummer Carol Cutshall) and Vampire Girl (guitarist Katie Campbell) form the outfit that released "In The Night." The album, which hit stores on Tuesday, is the product of a union formed (according to the band) in outer space on Monster Island Planet.

"When we all bumped into each other, it was fate," the artist currently known as Devil Doll told MTV News recently of the band's interplanetary origins. "All of our spaceships matched, all of our outfits were very similar, as you can see, so we figured we should probably get together and do something." [28.8 RealVideo]

The band (who will also release a Halloween 7-inch on the Bellingham, Washington indie label Estrus Records) claim that the sounds of Cheap Trick drew them to earth, where they settled in New Orleans.

"It's the only place in America that's similar to our planet," Devil Doll said of the band's reasons for setting up camp in New Orleans.

"Parties, glamour, drag queens.." Vampire Girl observed.

"Monsters, graveyards..." She-Zilla added.

"Exactly, so it's perfect for us," Vampire Girl concluded.

While New Orleans is home, the Monsters haven't really seen much of it recently. The band has been on the road for most of October drumming up support for the release this week of "In The Night." Fittingly, the band will take a break from the road and spend Halloween in New Orleans.