Rob Zombie And Korn Make Amends, Will Tour Together In 1999

The feud that erupted earlier this year between Rob Zombie and Korn -- and which prompted Zombie to drop off the Family Values tour, has now been resolved peacefully. Both acts announced on Monday that they had buried the hatchet and have agreed to tour together sometime in 1999.

The Zombie-Korn road show is tentatively set to launch on February 25 at a venue to be determined, and Zombie and Korn drummer David Silvera told MTV that the earlier disagreement was a problem between management, and not the performer themselves.

Zombie also told MTV News why he believes the two bands are doing so well, both in terms of record sales and concert receipts, while other rock acts seem to be struggling.

"The overall view," Zombie said, "it doesn't look that great cause if you look at the Top 10, it's usually dominated by R&B and soundtracks or country albums. But I mean, [sales are] only as healthy as the

band, you know. I think both of us made strong records and are strong live acts, so we're alive and well." [28.8 RealAudio]

Speaking of good health, Korn Lead singer Jonathan Davis has not only recovered from the bout of exhaustion he suffered earlier this month (see "Korn Cancels Show Citing Jonathan's Exhaustion"), he apparently feels well enough to get married this weekend.