Rob Zombie Rolls Bones On Grammy Predictions

Last week's Grammy Award nominations press conference in Los Angeles was substantially livened up by the dreadlocked presence of rockin' hell-razer Rob Zombie, who'll be heading out on the road next month with Korn.

But at the conference, standing alongside such relatively tame pop personalities as Stevie Wonder and Natalie Imbruglia, Zombie took to the podium to help announce some of the lucky multiple nominees, including Lauryn Hill, Shania Twain, Celine Dion and Sheryl Crow.

MTV News' Chris Connelly caught up with Zombie afterwards and talked with the macabre musician about his thoughts on the nominations, as well as his own Grammy predictions.

"I thought they were all shocking," Zombie said of the Grammy nominations. "I can't believe they nominated that Celine Dion. Who the hell's heard of her? I think they went out on a limb with that one. I think there's two words. 'Lauryn Hill' will

win everything and we'll all go home and go 'I knew it.'"

"I think a lot of people think that's what might happen," offered MTV's Chris Connelly.

"That's exactly what will happen," [28.8 RealVideo] Zombie concluded.

As we previously reported (see "Rob Zombie And Korn Make Amends, Will Tour Together In 1999"), Korn and Rob Zombie have mended the fences that caused Zombie to drop out of the highly lucrative Family Values fest, and will launch a joint outing on February 26 in Tucson, Arizona.

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